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Civil Engineer

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We are looking for experienced Civil Engineering professionals with construction experience to be connected with an employer. We offer competitive salary ranges, great benefits, and opportunities for career growth.


North Dakota


Type of job

Employment contract

Full time

English level


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* It will depend on the negotiation.

Job Description

The Civil Engineer I will perform various duties and will require arduous and strenuous work as it involves prolonged kneeling, stooping, and reaching for objects. Working conditions can vary greatly depending on the job, however, most work will be performed outdoors and often in extreme weather conditions. Must be willing to ask for help when necessary to ensure the concrete product is finished professionally, correctly and without defects, and to move heavy objects.

Functions and responsibilities

  • Ensure that all products meet quality standards, including concrete admixtures, slopes, and manufactured products such as rebar.

  • Assist with erection and concrete installation, as well as working with the foreman and project managers to ensure the quality of the final product.

  • Perform and exhibit knowledge of both company and OSHA safety and health standards and regulations.

  • Communicate and train other employees on safety standards and recognize and correct safety problems promptly.

  • Stop work whenever there is a serious risk to your safety or the safety of others and immediately notify your immediate supervisor.

  • Take responsibility for reporting injuries and near misses in the workplace before the end of the day.

  • Spend time at the beginning of each project understanding the scope of the work.

  • Spend time daily understanding the next day's work and goals.

  • Understand project plans and specifications to know the status of all important aspects of the project before it begins and be aware of the status of work and the construction schedule.

  • Follow established objectives and understand and coordinate all essential elements of construction, including record keeping, performance of contractors and suppliers.

  • Keep work area, truck and construction site clean and organized.

  • Communicate quality standards to each co-worker.

  • Other assigned tasks.


40 hours and overtime is paid if required.


  • Ability to read structural plans and drawings.

  • Ability to understand the concrete mixtures necessary for different work areas.

  • Attention to detail.

  • Teamwork.

  • Proactivity.

  • Critical thinking.

  • Excellent comunication.

  • Interpersonal skills.

  • Leadership skills.

  • I work under pressure.

  • Excellent physical shape and strength.

TN Qualifications

  • Professional degree in Civil Engineering or similar.

  • Current professional license.

  • Valid passport.

Employer Description

This company has been providing quality concrete services since 1981. The Company operates with approximately 100-200 employees serving the residential, commercial and municipal concrete markets.

Housing and travel logistics

It varies according to the offer.


  • 401 K Retirement Plan.

  • Health insurance.

  • Dental insurance.

  • Vacation.

  • Sick leave.

  • Voluntary life insurance.

  • Voluntary vision insurance.

  • Disability insurance.

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