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Shelving Repair

All openings available:


We are looking for professional or technical people who wish to work in one of the best glass manufacturing companies for different sectors, which offers benefits, competitive salaries, professional and personal development.


Fargo, ND


Type of job

Employment contract

Full time

English level


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* It will depend on the negotiation.

Job Description

Rack repair is necessary to fix damaged or deteriorated components of pallets, racks and elastic racks.

Functions and responsibilities

  • Forklift Lift Operation: Responsible for operating the road lift to move racks. Certification is required for this task. The equipment has a height- and tilt-adjustable steering wheel, as well as a depth-adjustable seat. Since visual blind spots exist, frequent rotation of the neck is necessary to maintain adequate vision.

  • Rack Cleaning: Responsible for cleaning racks to ensure a safe and orderly work environment.

  • Replacing Broken or Damaged Grille Components: This responsibility involves replacing damaged grille components, including bungee cord closures, slots, and grille wood.

  • Repair of Damaged Frames: It is responsible for repairing damaged, twisted or broken frames of the grilles. To do this, a chain hoist is available that makes it easy to raise the grates to the necessary height to carry out repairs.


Work hours: 40 hours a week, with shifts of 8 to 12 hours.


  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Technician is essential.

  • Must have the ability to troubleshoot and repair with strong mechanical aptitude.

  • Physical ability to perform manual labor, stand, walk, lift, bend and reach.

  • Ability to work effectively and efficiently in a team environment.

TN Qualifications

  • Technical or professional degree in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Current professional license.

  • Valid passport.

Employer Description

Manufacturer company of top quality insulating glass units. Our primary customers are leading residential window and door manufacturers. We maintain a clear vision of designing and manufacturing the most advanced residential glass products in the sector.

Housing and travel logistics

Support in flight payments and reimbursement of the TN Visa process.


  • Monthly bonus/profit sharing of up to 52% of base salary.

  • 401(k).

  • Medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance.

  • Health savings account with company contribution.

  • Employee assistance program.

  • Safe and clean work environment.

  • Paid time off and 10 paid holidays.

  • Tools provided.

  • Tuition refund.

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