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Livestock Worker

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We are looking for Livestock Workers to be connected with an employer in the state of North Dakota in the United States. We offer competitive salary ranges, great benefits and career growth opportunities.


North Dakota


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Job Description

The livestock employee must display versatile skills and an exceptional commitment to the welfare and productivity of livestock.Their daily responsibilities encompass a wide range of activities vital to the efficient operation of the livestock operation.

Duties and Responsibilities:
-Meticulous feeding of animals to ensure proper nutrition.
-Cutting and baling hay.
-Stabling duties, including cleaning and care of animals.
-Providing care and assistance during calving, both to mothers and calves.
-Administering vaccinations to maintain the health and reproduction of livestock.


-Be a Puerto Rican citizen.
-Experience in Livestock Management: Previous experience in handling cattle.
-Health and Welfare Knowledge: Basic knowledge about the health and well-being of livestock.
-Feeding and Nutrition: Familiarity with the feeding requirements of cattle.
-Management Skills: Ability to manage herds of livestock, including breeding and record keeping.
-Facilities Maintenance: Ability to maintain livestock facilities and equipment.
-Equipment Operation: Skill in the operation of agricultural equipment.
-Physical Endurance: Ability to perform demanding physical tasks.

Employer Description

Reliable employer in the livestock and agriculture industry. Dedicated to cultivating the land and raising livestock with the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Combining tradition with innovation to offer top quality agricultural and livestock products. With decades of experience in the field, perfecting techniques and processes to ensure excellence every step of the way. Committed to environmental stewardship and animal welfare, we not only grow and raise livestock; we cultivate lasting relationships with our customers, employees and communities.

Housing and travel logistics

The employer provides housing for its employees


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